I wasted the day at the mall and then trying to break a global 4th wall, unsuccessfully. But I’ll keep trying and do what Deadpool has achieved… Holidays are a bad idea afterall…

Kalpik has this evil (good) thing about him, I don’t know but he somehow manages to make me shift between Linux distros often and now its OpenSUSE 10.2. My poor HDD :(

So am gonna try the OpenSUSE 10.2. I didn’t like the 10.1 really as I used KDE and YaST was a big bloat in it. Anything that takes more than 1 second or a maximum of 2 seconds puts me off.

But I’ll eventually return to Ubuntu no doubt, because I need it to spread Linux around still. Speaking of Ubuntu, Mehul (tech_your_future) pointed me to this particular modification of the Ubuntu OS. Just look at it… it has VLC, Frostwire and Azureus amongst other beautiful elements! Yeah you might have guessed it right, CODECS too! Now this is how I expect a OS to come with if it really wishes to invade people’s PCs around the world! I downloaded it and am very happy that I don’t have to bother myself hunting tons of codecs to satisfy people’s Ubuntu shift tries.

Okay enough of Linux, now to Windows. Logged in after like 3 weeks to tag some music. I felt it so bad, I can’t know what’s going on, I need my freedom to know what the OS is doing with my PC and Windows never shows even a hint of it. How do people like GUI in every aspect I can’t understand now. Anyway for some goodies, try the Azureus‘s new version and GOMPlayer which claims to be better than VLC. [Of course, nothing is better than it, NOTHING!]

I still am in a dilemma about a new PC or an upgrade or nothing. I feel I need something but I don’t know what. If I get a new PC now I’ll feel sad when Quad-Cores go prominent (That’s me) and if I upgrade now to 1 GB of RAM and a new AGP card, I don’t feel its worth as my display is slowly dying and my processor heats up a lot to about 70-75 degrees under medium stress. Maybe it is dying but I don’t know. I thought about the Macs but they are costly and I don’t think getting one would really help me in anyway since I hardly work on multimedia stuff, or work itself lol… So maybe I don’t deserve a PC upgrade/overhaul/mac but I feel hollow 😛 Maybe a new wrist watch or some other gadget would satisfy my soul…

Leave that, here’s a small section about what’s going on around my ever growing blogroll

  • Abhinav says he can beat me in typing. Sure you can mate, am human and here’s your asked link directorycontest.com :)
  • Karthik voices his views on the OLPC 100$ Laptops. I personally think it isn’t really worthwhile as of now. Food to the poor is much more better. But yeah education does help either way…
  • Anomit succeeds in installing TeX at his blog. And adsense…
  • Shreyas surfaces after a while again to scare me with his Yahoogle post. I hate Yahoo!
  • Wendy writes a small list of upcoming 2007 movies to watch out for. She’s trying to start a comic strip too, here
  • Rohit has an interesting way to cite websites. Great tool indeed.

Meanwhile, on planet torrents, MPAA has been caught uploading fake torrents in an attempt to catch innocents downloading movies.

“The MPAA and other anti-piracy watchdogs have been caught trapping people into downloading fake torrents, so they can collect IP addresses, and send copyright infringement letters to ISPs. The battle between P2P networks and copyright holders seems to be a never ending battle. It will be interesting to see how much the anti-piracy groups practices change once they begin begin selling movies and TV shows legally on bittorrent.com.”

In movies I watched The Fifth Element, Life is Beautiful and Shaolin Soccer. Life is Beautiful was a great movie to watch, while The Fifth Element was fun. Shaolin Soccer, being from the same persons of Kung-Fu Hustle was lame, unbelievable but a fun watch nevertheless.

In music I’ve been listening to Linkin Park a lot again heh… New one’s I tried this week were Good Charlotte and Pearl Jam.

I know people hate random posts but I have nothing else in mind today really… am sorry.

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  1. there is another way for MPAA too make traffic of torrents die , generally @ large seed files , they can use “BitThief” to make speed worse .

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