Updates Updates!

Regrets regrets!

Am sorry for not blogging over 2 weeks. Abhinav’s (My host) DreamHost account got terminated on 22nd January, also being my Birthday lol… and since then he wasn’t able to get me another host quick. So am temporarily now on Surya’s account. Thanks l33t 😛

Say hello to my friend (um, ‘prodigy’ friend) Zeeshan‘s site… and say hello to my new upgrades. A 512 MB RAM DDR 400 (Total now = 1 GB) and a BIG 7600 GT 256 MB AGP 8x card 😀

Plus, am now using Windows Vista for gaming … and it does suck. More on all of this soon. This was intended to be a test :)

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Harsh, also known to some as 'Qwerty' or 'QwertyManiac' online, is a Customer Operations Engineer at Cloudera, Inc.. Harsh is a fan of trance and electronic music, distributed systems and GUI programming, and loves to troubleshoot and hack on code in his free time. Formerly a KDE committer, he now is a committer on the Apache Hadoop and Apache Oozie projects and is a great fan of all Open Source Software.

5 thoughts on “Updates Updates!”

  1. Ahhh !!

    I missed commenting here… LOL.

    Anyways… where were you all the time the host was down? You could have just come to me to get hosting :p Else Ashish/Deep would have spared some for you.

    And I wish the upgrades wwere same for me too… I too am longing for those.

    All the best.


  2. Okay, you gotta tell us of your gaming experience. I’ve heard that the Direct X9 doesn’t work out with it? And Happy Birthday!

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