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Two more Firefox extensions


Don’t worry, both of these are just minor UI improving Mozilla Firefox extensions and not one of those heavy-weight resource hoggers. And you’d probably need the first one installed, its like a bug-fix. Read on … ;)

First one would be the Long Titles extension.

As you’d have noticed on Firefox at times that the title attributes (tooltips/titles) in various pages are never displayed fully and always end abruptly with a “…”.

Like this image below:

Tool tips aren't shown fully, so you might miss up on some text.

This is cause of certain bug in Mozilla Firefox. Though this has been fixed in the upcoming Firefox version 3.0, you can fix this partial-showing in Firefox 1.5 and 2.0 with this extension – Long Titles.

After fixing they’d look like below: (To get what am talking about)

Tooltips are now shown fully and wrapped as necessary. Opera and IE do this by default but Firefox had a bug.

The second extension is a rather personal pick of mine. Its called Hide Menubar.

Does what its named as, hides the menu bar (File, Edit, Favorites, History, Tools, etc …) and shows them only when you hit your ALT key.


Menu as normal Firefox has it.

And, after installing the extension:

Menu hidden, will show only at pressing the ALT key.

Just like IE 7 does, perhaps. I use this to get more viewing space since I don’t really use my menu bar that much.For bookmarks, I use the Ctrl + B sidebar feature instead, when required. (This plugin also auto hides your menu after a certain amount of time, neat!)

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December 2nd, 2007 at 8:25 am

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