Microsoft to buy Logitech?

Curse me kilts if that happens!

According to Reuters, rumours are circulating that Microsoft will launch a takeover bid for Logitech at 48 Francs ($43) per share, representing a premium of 38 per cent.

Such a move would leave Microsoft the largest peripherals manufacturer in the world.


I hope the brand and quality both remain intact post takeover (if any), cause Logitech’s totally unbeatable. Microsoft keyboards are well styled but lack the joy in typing smoothly, which a Logitech would provide.

But of course, nothing beats a TVS mechanical keyboard. Only if it had some multimedia keys on it :(

Some day, some day soon, I’ll get you Optimus Maximus. You’re all mine 😈

P.s. Just heard that MySQL is too gonna be bought by Sun Microsystems. Acquisitions, they not good.

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3 thoughts on “Microsoft to buy Logitech?”

  1. Hmmm.. wasn’t it dismissed by the founder of Logitech. But still if that happens Microsoft becomes one of the largest sellers of keyboards and mice in the world.

  2. Not good. I’ve got a microsoft Optical mouse and it gets totally out of hand many times… I really pray that the quality remains the same.
    PS – I got a logitech keyboard. Silent and smooth.

  3. Oh and Qwerty , wish me luck for my new blog.
    Why did I choose blogger … Custom CSS editing without having to pay $15. WordPress is great , but it has some unreasonable deals like no Adsense , pay $15 to edit CSS etc etc and the new Blogger is way more improved , the only wp feature I miss is the Integrated blog stats.

    I changed my wp blog title from teenage tantrums to Nevervana. It’s getting about 30,000 hits in a month…
    Anyways wish me luck… And how’s the PyGTK going ?

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