Tinge theme for gEdit

Announcing a nice-looking dark theme, Tinge color scheme for gEdit (Text Editor for GNOME):

Tinge (v1.0)

Tinge Logo - Curvy ain't it?

Preview (In Python):

Tinge preview - In Python!

Download Instructions:

Installation Instructions:

  1. Its very simple! Simply run your gEdit and go to Edit – Preferences – Font and Colors tab.
  2. Under the Color Scheme list, click the Add… button and select this downloaded Tinge.xml file from wherever you saved/moved it to.
  3. You’re done! Enjoy the colors as you develop! 😉

Named it Tinge just for fun and cause it really just a tinge more than the Darkmate. Also inspired by Monokai’s theme here.

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Harsh, also known to some as 'Qwerty' or 'QwertyManiac' online, is a Customer Operations Engineer at Cloudera, Inc.. Harsh is a fan of trance and electronic music, distributed systems and GUI programming, and loves to troubleshoot and hack on code in his free time. Formerly a KDE committer, he now is a committer on the Apache Hadoop and Apache Oozie projects and is a great fan of all Open Source Software.

12 thoughts on “Tinge theme for gEdit”

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  2. Hello, a really nice theme but I found one problem. If you are using the “current line highlight” you have set a “less_gray” color, which makes imposible to see the fonts (which are set to white).

    I just replaced that color.


  3. The selected color scheme cannot be installed.

    I got this error.. but I can easily install other themes .. someone please help ?

  4. Hey .. sorry dint notice that..

    the version am using is..

    “gedit 2.26.1″

    nothing urgent.. just that I liked your scheme so I tired to integrate it..

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