Yahoo in news … and on a roll!

First, Microsoft realizes it has been living the life of an underdog in the major online market and plans its revenge the old style – Monopo.. err to buy what it needs to grow – Yahoo. Yahoo cleanly states “DO NOT WANT!” [Link]


Google gets worried about it, issues statements out, offers to help Yahoo by partnering it to avoid a monopoly by Microsoft. [Link]

Microsoft is not stopped by Yahoo’s refusal of their offer of some 40 “undervalued” billion dollars and gives Yahoo a death sentence of 3 weeks. Like “boot up or shut up” from Hackers (1995). [Link]

Yahoo rejects once more, and now, has partnered with Google Adsense to show Google ads on Yahoo search pages. [Link]

Oh my, what’s gonna happen to the Yahoo’s advertising feature I wonder …

Microsoft finally grumbles – Calls this a monopoly. [Link]

More action as the month progresses! 😀

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