Gotta post something

So here it is.

Wishing whoever reads this a better time ahead, as you replace those old calendars. And continue doing what you do best.

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Harsh, also known to some as 'Qwerty' or 'QwertyManiac' online, is a Customer Operations Engineer at Cloudera, Inc.. Harsh is a fan of trance and electronic music, distributed systems and GUI programming, and loves to troubleshoot and hack on code in his free time. Formerly a KDE committer, he now is a committer on the Apache Hadoop and Apache Oozie projects and is a great fan of all Open Source Software.

2 thoughts on “Gotta post something”

  1. Mirror! :) { Not a JARGON ;)}
    Well, Best wishes to you too, let the dawn of new hope and new aspirations embrace you in every sphere as you welcome each new day :):)
    Looking forward for great posts from your end :)

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