I’m loving the MVC pattern that Django offers. I’ve been reading Googler Ayman Hourieh’s book ‘Learning Website Development with Django’. Its a quite old book now and the approach to web development via MVC in it is very nice.

Ayman Houriehs Book
Ayman Hourieh's Book

I’m mainly looking at Django to build a custom CMS (Reinventing the wheel, blah blah) to serve some needs of mine. And also possibly, a replacement to this blog here. WordPress is lovely but having something written from scratch by yourself is a different level of satisfaction altogether. Plus, I got lots of free time coming up.

I’ve never written so much of HTML before in my life, and its pretty fun writing the tags in the Template files of my django project. Till this my thought on web development was plainly – boring.

Since the book is rather old now, compared to the amount of Django improvements that followed it, there is one small change to the registration/login.html file example provided in the book. Instead of the code {% if form.has_errors %} it must simply be {% if form.errors %} if you are using any recent version of Django.

Django Website | Documentation

Also am working on adding several language options to a much-more pretty Tinge theme (For gedit / gtksourceview 2). You can expect the new version to it soon, with more pretty colors. Rich colored yet simple syntax highlighting is bliss!

Tinge theme for gEdit

Announcing a nice-looking dark theme, Tinge color scheme for gEdit (Text Editor for GNOME):

Tinge (v1.0)

Tinge Logo - Curvy ain't it?

Preview (In Python):

Tinge preview - In Python!

Download Instructions:

Installation Instructions:

  1. Its very simple! Simply run your gEdit and go to Edit – Preferences – Font and Colors tab.
  2. Under the Color Scheme list, click the Add… button and select this downloaded Tinge.xml file from wherever you saved/moved it to.
  3. You’re done! Enjoy the colors as you develop! 😉

Named it Tinge just for fun and cause it really just a tinge more than the Darkmate. Also inspired by Monokai’s theme here.