Random of the return!

Kadoom of the boom! Ok, enough.

Going around the webs trying to find something I was looking to do with KDE’s plasmoid libraries, I came across this ye olde’ site: http://jnaudin.free.fr/html/oa_plasmoid.htm

"Stable plasmoid at 1 atm"
"Stable plasmoid at 1 atm"

I tried it out since it was simple in its requirements, and lo, ended up watching a “plasmoid”, though I had no proper clue on what it was until I studied further, after (FUN comes first, ALWAYS).

Anyways, now getting back to whatever it was I was trying to do with KDE Plasma.

Oh yeah, you do this at your own risk, and DO NOT INHALE that gas. NO2 can kill you, it is toxic. It is in the reddish-brown colored mushroom-shaped smoke that various nuclear bomb tests might have shown you, so there you go, understand? No, am not gonna die after writing this post 😉

Justice enough

About the immutability of variables once bounded in Erlang:

Single assignment is like algebra.

When I went to school, my math teacher said, “If there’s an X in several different parts in the same equation, then all the Xs mean the same thing.” That’s how we can solve equations: if we know that X+Y=10 and X-Y=2, then X will be 6 and Y will be 4 in both equations.

But when I learned my first programming language, we were shown stuff like this:
X = X + 1

Everyone protested, saying “you can’t do that!”. But the teacher said we were wrong, and we had to unlearn what we learned in math class. X isn’t a math variable: it’s like a pigeon hole/little box…

In Erlang, variables are just like they are in math. When you associate a value with a variable, you’re making an assertion – a statement of fact. This variable has that value. And that’s that.

Joe Armstrong, in his book Programming Erlang.

Lightning, Monsters, Titans and Labyrinths

Percy Jackson. You probably hate that name, after watching its film adaptation.

They got it all wrong, right from his opening scene underwater, his not-so-hyped up origin about being Poseidon’s son, the lack of explanation about the various camps in Camp Half-Blood and so on, till the end of the movie. Every chapter seemed to have been ‘hollywoodized‘. I watch many movies out of curiosity and I don’t feel bad about having watched this.

That is because the books were fun, Rick Riordan is quite a writer of teenage fiction books. I’ve read the first three in his series of Percy Jackson and found them equally enjoyable as the Inkheart Trilogy or The Inheritance Cycle. Right now, having found time and inspiration for revisiting a private library am quite fond of, I’ve laid my hands on the fourth book and its doing great in helping me erase those movie memories.

Slice of the Larger Pie

Some bands/artists I enjoy listening to, for this current factor of time in which I enjoy trance/derivatives/near-trance:

  • OceanLab [#]
  • Paul van Dyk [#]
  • Armin van Buuren [#] (Thanks to Kalpik for the recc.)
  • Gareth Emery [#]

Psst. I left last.fm for … nothing, just left it. Like I left Twitter and Facebook. They are for people with no time and I got plenty, plenty, plenty.

The topics remain unrelated, as always.