Heath Ledger is dead

Yeah, just heard this sad news this morning :(

The actor Heath Ledger was found dead this afternoon in an apartment in Manhattan, according to the New York City police. Signs pointed to a suicide or an accidental overdose, police sources said. Mr. Ledger was 28.


His film, Batman Begins, in which he plays The Joker, is coming out soon, and is his last 😥

R.I.P Mr. Ledger ..

Microsoft to buy Logitech?

Curse me kilts if that happens!

According to Reuters, rumours are circulating that Microsoft will launch a takeover bid for Logitech at 48 Francs ($43) per share, representing a premium of 38 per cent.

Such a move would leave Microsoft the largest peripherals manufacturer in the world.


I hope the brand and quality both remain intact post takeover (if any), cause Logitech’s totally unbeatable. Microsoft keyboards are well styled but lack the joy in typing smoothly, which a Logitech would provide.

But of course, nothing beats a TVS mechanical keyboard. Only if it had some multimedia keys on it :(

Some day, some day soon, I’ll get you Optimus Maximus. You’re all mine 😈

P.s. Just heard that MySQL is too gonna be bought by Sun Microsystems. Acquisitions, they not good.

Bill Gates’ last CES Keynote (12th)

After opening over 10 CES Keynote events, this one is his last. He’s gonna leave leading Microsoft too. It was good at his hands, until the end started. Pfft, that’s another blog post anyway.

For now, here is the Live coverage of Bill Gates’ final Keynote at CES from the people at Engadget.

Edit: Well its over now. Dead nonsense I should add. Guitar Hero? WTF. 😛

Windows Vista SP1 Release Candidate 1 (RC1) out

The Windows Vista’s first Service Pack (SP1) is out as its early RC1 release for now. This promises that the final SP1 is just around the corner somewhere. Perhaps near to the Windows Vista anniversary in January. Yep, 1 year and SP1 is here!

Click here for the download and other details for Windows Vista SP1 RC1.

The new Transcend T.sonic 650 music player

A while ago I blogged about my purchase of a Transcend T.sonic 630 4 GB Music Player here.

Now Transcend has given it a complete looks overhaul and has released the newer Transcend T.sonic 650 players!

Here’s how they look: (Very delicious looking, and curvy compared to my 630!)

The Transcend T.sonic 650 Music Player

If you ask me, its just the same 630 in features, with a 610 style 2-Color OLED screen. All the other features as seen in this Press Release by Transcend are exactly the same as the T.sonic 630 except an additional memory for 10 FM stations. (The 630 has 10 slots, the 650 has 20)

Comes only in 2 GB (The White one) and 4 GB (The Black one) variants.

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